Support for business

South Lanarkshire Business Growth Grant

What is it?

It is a competitive, discretionary grant fund open to new and existing businesses based in South Lanarkshire to support their long-term sustainability and growth. It will provide 50% of eligible project costs (excluding VAT), up to a maximum grant award of £20,000 to fund specific activities to help recovery and growth.

Businesses can apply for grant support towards the following external costs:

  • Capital expenditure
  • Infrastructure improvement
  • Consultancy support
  • Training support
  • Exhibition support

We encourage applications that will:

  • introduce new or improved products, processes, or services
  • assist growth into new domestic or international markets
  • support the transition to net zero and reduce carbon outputs
  • encourage the implementation of green technologies, energy efficiency, and low carbon products, processes, or services

Am I eligible?

If you can answer yes to ALL of the following statements you are able to consider applying

  • My business is based in South Lanarkshire
  • My business is a micro, small, or medium sized enterprise (up to 250 employees)
  • My business does NOT operate in the following sectors:
    • gambling/betting establishment
    • drinking place that does NOT serve food
    • credit union
  • My business turnover is over the VAT threshold or expected to reach a minimum level of £85,000 within 12 months of the date of the application
  • My business has not incurred any project-related expenditure or made any confirmed commitments relating to this project/application
  • I am not in arrears for either of the following (whatever one is relevant):
    • Non-Domestic Rates for business premises
    • Council Tax for businesses operating from home
  • The project detailed in the application will NOT lead to a reduction in staffing/employment levels

Unfortunately, businesses at the pre-trading or feasibility stage are ineligible to apply.

Applicant businesses can be home-based or operating from dedicated commercial premises. If the application is from home-based business the applicant must contact their local Planning office to ascertain whether they require planning consent. Some form of written confirmation must accompany this type of application. Home based businesses can NOT apply for support with infrastructure improvements.

Projects seeking grant support must demonstrate at least one of the following:

  • Safeguard current employment
  • Create employment
  • Create training opportunities
  • Support innovation to develop new or improve products, processes or services
  • Assist growth into new domestic or international markets
  • Support transition to net zero and reduce carbon outputs
  • Encourage the implementation of ‘green’ technologies and low carbon products, processes or services

No indication of prior commitment – in order to be considered for grant support, no work must start on the project in question and no expenditure should be incurred until after the applicant company has received a formal decision from the council regarding their grant application.

What can I use the grant for?

Examples of projects

Applicants can apply for grant funding in support of the following project types:

  • Capital Expenditure
    • New machinery to increase productivity or bring services in house to improve margin
    • New capital equipment to improve efficiency and reduce carbon footprint
    • New digital systems to increase productivity or competitiveness
    • Upgrading general office/home based IT equipment (monitors, hard drives, printers, scanners, laptops, desktops, telephony systems
    • Mobile or hand-held equipment which will significantly benefit business growth in terms of increased turnover and job creation, or which will help overcome a technological barrier enabling new or existing markets to be fully exploited.
    • Investment in servers or cloud-based systems.
    • Any non-excluded equipment that will contribute to one of the key themes of the grant

Excluded equipment includes:

  • Smartphones
  • Off-the-shelf software packages such as MS Office, other office equipment.
  • replacement of equipment/items ‘like for like’
  • items replaced due to ‘wear and tear’ or which are faulty
  • purchase of vehicles – vans, pick-ups (unless it has been extensively customised and used specifically for the sole use of the business.)
  • any equipment directly related to farming or agribusiness
  • Infrastructure improvement
    • Construction of walls, fences
    • Installation of security systems
    • improving insulation, draught-proofing, double or secondary glazing
    • installation of energy efficient systems, equipment or building fabric, including heating, lighting, ventilation, and air conditioning upgrades
  • Consultancy support
    • development of e-commerce capability to enable online trading
    • quality accreditation
  • Training support
    • External Training
  • Exhibition support
    • Attendance at UK or International Trade Exhibitions

Please note that SLBSG funding cannot be used to provide working capital and certain exclusions apply please see full guidelines.

Applying for a grant

We would encourage you to start the process by calling the Business Gateway on 01698 756956 and speaking to a business adviser about your business and the eligibility of your project to make sure you maximise the wider support available for your business and explore all the alternative sources of funding available. Whatever stage your business is at, Business Gateway offers practical help, advice, and support to help you grow your business, including workshops and events.

Please read the detailed guidelines first before you proceed. This gives more details on company eligibility and conditions of the grant.

If you have any questions, please use our online enquiry form.