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Early years exemption of charges

Before you start

We need you to give us some proof so that we can process your application. You can use scans, pdfs or photos of documents. Please don’t take photos of your PC screen or phone screen as these can be blurry. If you need to do this you should use the screenshot/print screen function on your PC or phone.

We need proof of your qualifying benefit and proof of your child’s address. Your tax credits or universal credit award letter should confirm this. If not, you must provide either your child benefit award letter or your bank statement showing your name, address, child benefit number and payment.

  • Proof of qualifying benefit (you will be asked to provide one of the following):
    • Tax Credit Award Notice (TC602) showing name, address, household income and child’s details
    • Housing Benefit/Council Tax Reduction award letter (this is not required if you live in South Lanarkshire)
    • benefit award/decision letter
    • Universal Credit statement showing income from your online statement/journal
  • Proof of child’s address (if required):
    • Child Benefit award letter or
    • bank statement showing your name, address and Child Benefit payment details

If you receive Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Reduction from South Lanarkshire Council you don't need to provide evidence of this, we will use the information we hold to confirm this. If your child isn't noted on your Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Reduction claim, you must provide evidence of their address.