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    • @krisbreddy94 if you live in the Hamilton area, if not already, you should be getting the new recycling service soon http://t.co/WffZ4ZhvjT
    • Details of tomorrow's services at the South Lanarkshire Crematorium are available here - http://t.co/pJm0xeBROP
    • @gritchie2 yes - uplift request still in operation for that reason
    • Local development plan now adopted: The South Lanarkshire Local Development Plan has been adopted today (Monda... http://t.co/ttBDoDu0uU
    • @gritchie2 Unfortunately not - only small food bags acceptable. Down to how it all gets sorted for composting - large bags would be rejected
    • Details of Saturday and Mondays services at the South Lanarkshire Crematorium are available here - http://t.co/47vQjOKuKm
    • How I did on Twitter this week: 107 New Followers, 176 Mentions, 154K Mention Reach. How'd your week go? via http://t.co/AxWuCd226g
    • Did you know that cans and tins can come back as car parts, aeroplane wings and new cans! #recycleweek
    • 1 air freshener can recycled by everyone in the UK, could save enough energy to vacuum over 870,000 homes for a year! #recycleweek
    • Heres an interesting fact did you know that paper and card can come back as loft insulation? #recycleweek


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