Damaged and new bins

Order a new recycling bin (blue/burgundy/grey)

Larger/smaller wheeled bins

Larger light grey bins to recycle glass, cans and plastics are available to all householders but can be especially useful for larger families. If you are a housing developer and need bins for new housing, phone 0303 123 1020. 

We can supply larger burgundy bins for food and garden waste. If you have limited storage space we can give you smaller bins.

Bin prices and timescales

  • all recycling bins (blue, light grey and burgundy) are free to householders but there is a charge if you are a housing developer
  • free upgrades to 360 litre light grey recycling bins are available

Bins are normally supplied within 15 working days, subject to stock availability. If you have asked for a 360 litre bin and we don't have any in stock we will give you a second 240 litre bin. We are low on stock of some types of recycling bins due to high demand and there may be a delay in delivering your bin. We apologise for any inconvenience and will deliver your bin as quickly as we can. 

To order food waste liners for your kitchen caddy see the Food waste and kitchen caddy liners page.


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