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Damaged and new bins

Non-recyclable waste bin (black/green)

We will empty one non-recyclable waste bin per household which is the property of the homeowner. If you are a council tenant you should contact your local area housing office

For rented properties, the landlord is usually responsible for the supply of the bin but you should check the terms of your tenancy.

Please do not present more than one non-recyclable waste bin as only one bin will be emptied.

Lost, stolen or damaged non-recyclable bins

It is your responsibility to replace a lost, stolen, or damaged non-recyclable waste bin. If the collection crew can verify that your bin fell into the back of one of our refuse collection vehicles we will replace the bin free of charge. Please note 360L non-recyclable waste bins will be replaced by 240L bins. For information on recycling see our Burgundy compostable waste binLight grey bin - glass, cans and plastics and Blue bin - paper and card pages.

If you need a non-recyclable waste bin please phone 0303 123 1020. If you are a council tenant you should contact your local area housing office

Bin specifications

If you need to buy a non-recyclable waste bin it should be:

  • black or anthracite
  • no larger than 240 litre capacity
  • meet both European and British Standards (see below)

Please note that the council will not accept responsibility for bins purchased that are not suitable for our lifting equipment.

A standard 240 litre non-recycling waste bin costs £69.94 including VAT. Bins are normally supplied within 15 working days, subject to stock availability. We continue to experience a high demand for this service which means your bin delivery may take longer than the normal 15 working days. We apologise for any inconvenience and will deliver your bin as quickly as we can.  To order a new non-recycling bin, please phone 0303 123 1020.

Larger bins for non-recyclable waste (360 litre black bin) may be provided in circumstances where:

  • there are at least five people living permanently at a property;
  • residents have already been provided with larger or additional recycling bins for a period of at least eight weeks and
  • can demonstrate full participation in our kerbside recycling schemes

To request a larger non-recyclable waste bin please phone Waste Services on 0303 123 1020.

Once we have received your request we will carry out a waste audit before making a decision. Please note that if the number of permanent residents falls below five people or if you can no longer demonstrate that you are making full use of your recycling bins, the council retains the right to remove the bin without prior notification.

European and British Standards

Two wheeled containers should be approved to the relevant BS EN 840-1:2012, BS EN 840-5:2012 and BS EN 840-6:2012 Standards or equivalent. 

HDPE wheeled bins should be constructed as follows: 

  • the reinforced comb edge must be compatible with standard lifting equipment – all bin systems should be supplied with DIN or AFNOR comb bars. This ensures the best compatibility with all common tipping procedures using comb reception. 
  • the lifting profile must be reinforced on the underside by lattice ribs
  • the lid must be fixed with 2 hinge points to the body
  • the lid must have convenient integral handles or a recess for opening
  • the hinged members for holding the lid should be designed as handles for manoeuvring the bin
  • the bin upper rim shall have a raised edge and be outwardly sloping to ensure that water does not enter the bin or accumulate under the lid whilst closed, or in the act of opening

HDPE wheeled bins should be constructed following minimum criteria: 

  • base thickness 3.8-4mm
  • wall thickness 3.5-3.8mm
  • lid thickness 3.5-3.8mm
  • all wheels shall be fit for the purpose and of a construction that reflects the likely weight of the contents of the bin.

HDPE bins should be fitted with 2 solid, durable, rubber-tired wheels fixed with spring loaded locking pins, to a solid steel corrosion resistant axle. 

Containers should comply in full with The Noise and Emission in the Environment by Equipment for use Outdoors (Amendment) Regulations 2015 - EN ISO 3744: 2010 and EN ISO 3746: 2010, and be labelled to confirm this.