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Bins - what goes in them

Light grey bin - glass, cans and plastics

  • please ensure your bin lid is closed or we may not be able to empty your bin
  • we don't lift any additional waste put out with your bin - this includes extra bags
  • we will only accept the following items in your grey recycling bin


Accepted: Bottles and jars from food and drink packaging (including plastic and metal tops)
Not accepted: Ceramic items such as plates and plant pots, plate glass (from windows), drinking glasses, light bulbs, pyrex dishes, mirrors


Accepted: Tins and cans from food and drink packaging, aerosols for personal use (for example deodorant, hairspray), all clean aluminium foil (if only small sweet wrappers for example - please wait till there’s enough to be scrunched up into a small ball so it can be processed more readily)
Not accepted: Metal furniture, cutlery, small electrical appliances, electrical cables, batteries, food or drink pouches, paint tins, gas bottles and canisters, coat hangers


Accepted: Bottles and caps (please remove from bottle) from food and drink products, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and soap bottles, cleaning products, beauty products, food and drink pots, tubs and trays (including black trays - please wash to ensure no food waste remains).
Not accepted: Plastic bags and films (shopping bags, bread bags, cling films), bubble wrap, cartridges (ink for example), polystyrene, wrappers such as crisp wrappers or biscuit wrappers, plastic nettings, toothpaste tubes, drinks and food cartons (tetrapak type) synthetic corks, hard plastics such as CD cases, plastic coat hangers and plant pots, garden furniture, children’s toys.

We cannot take extra bags beside a bin. If you can't keep it until your next collection, you can take your excess waste to any of our waste and recycling centres.

You've bin tagged

If we notice that your grey bin has items in it that shouldn't be there we will put a red tag on the bin handle. If you get a red tag we will NOT empty it. You should remove the items and either put them in your black bin or take them to a recycling centre. You should then put your grey bin out on its next collection day. 

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