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Bins - what goes in them

Blue bin - paper and card

  • please ensure your bin lid is closed or we may not be able to empty your bin
  • we don't lift any additional waste put out with your bin - this includes extra bags
  • we will only accept the following items in your blue recycling bin


Accepted: newspapers, magazines, leaflets, phone directories, envelopes (fully intact including glue and windows), brochures, office paper, letters, catalogues, unwanted mail, shredded paper, wrapping paper and gift bags (excluding foil, glitter or plastic coated), paperback books. Hardback books are also accepted but we would always recommend that these are re-used or donated to a charity shop.
Not accepted: Wallpaper, tissues, napkins, paper towels, nappies, laminated paper, padded envelopes, wet paper, textiles, Pringles tubes, crisp and sweetie wrappers.


Accepted: cereal boxes, brown corrugated packaging, sleeves from ready meals, toilet/ kitchen roll tubes, greeting cards and gift bags (excluding foil, glitter or plastic coated), cardboard egg boxes, toothpaste boxes
Not accepted: Drinks and food cartons, wet cardboard, takeaway drinks cups and takeaway food boxes (for example pizza boxes) if contaminated with food

Please ensure all material is clean and dry - believe it or not, when it's damp bacteria can start to break it down, generating heat which poses a risk of fire.

Do not put the following items in your blue recycling bin:

  • plastic bags
  • nappies

We have put stickers on the lids of blue bins to remind you what shouldn't go in your paper and card bin.

We cannot take extra bags beside a bin. If you can't keep it until your next collection, you can take your excess waste to any of our waste and recycling centres.

You've bin tagged

If we notice that your blue bin has items in it that shouldn't be there we will put a red tag on the bin handle. If you get a red tag we will NOT empty it. You should remove the items and either put them in your black bin or take them to a recycling centre. You should then put your blue bin out on its next collection day. 

We recommend you put your house number on your wheelie bins.

What happens to my paper, card and cardboard?

Have you ever wondered what happens to the paper, card and cardboard you recycle from home? Watch the journey here and discover that recycling is anything but a waste of time!