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Missed bins

You can only report a missed bin the day after the collection was due.

There can be many reasons for a delay in your bin being emptied. Bad weather, roadworks or a vehicle breakdown might mean we don't get to you at the usual time. These are rare occurrences and our aim is to minimise any impact on householders. 

Before you report a missed bin check the Bin collections and calendar information.

Changes to collection routes may mean that your bin is collected at a different time than normal - please make sure your bins are always presented before 7am on your collection day.

Don't report a missed bin if:

  • it’s the same day as the scheduled collection day – missed bin reports are not actioned until the day after the collection
  • none of the bins in your street have been emptied – please leave the bin out and we’ll get to it as soon as possible
  • your bin was not out by 7am
  • it's half-emptied – if your bin is not fully emptied due to the material being compacted, or frozen in winter months, it is your responsibility to loosen the material ready for your next scheduled collection
  • if there is a tag on your bin telling you your recycling bin is contaminated then please remove the contamination and present it at the next scheduled collection
  • the bin was too heavy for the crews to collect. Heavy materials such as soil and rubble should not be put in wheeled bins. You should book a bulky uplift instead
  • the bin was left somewhere the crew couldn’t access – this is particularly important if you have an ‘assisted collection’

Other points to note:

  • we will not uplift extra bags beside a bin. If you can't keep it until your next collection, you can take it to any of our Waste and recycling centres
  • we will not uplift more than one black/green bin – each household is permitted to have one non-recycling bin and only one will be emptied
  • bin lids should be fully closed

To report a missed bin please call 0303 123 1020. We will aim to collect the bin within 5 working days.