Copy certificates for births, deaths, marriages and civil partnerships

If you need a copy of a birth, death, marriage or civil partnership certificate for an event registered in Scotland you can order one online. Due to the high volume of requests there is a 14 day turnaround for this service. Please allow sufficient time for delivery by Royal Mail before contacting our office. We do not operate a priority service and requests for extracts will be processed in date of receipt order

You can only get a copy of the certificate from the current registration year from the area where the event was registered. For example an event registered in Hamilton could only be bought from South Lanarkshire Council. For previous registration years, however, you will be able to obtain a copy certificate for an event registered anywhere in Scotland.

The cost for a certificate is £10 when the request is made within one month of the date of registration. Any requests for full or abbreviated certificates made after one month of the date of registration will cost £15 (a £5 search fee is included in this which is non refundable if we are unable to locate the entry). If two or more copies of the same entry are requested the search fee of £5 will only be charged once. Postage fees are charged depending on the number of extracts ordered and are charges as follows.

Postage charges

UK only
one certificate 76p

one or more certificates £1.25

one or more certificates £1.45

If an original certificate or a photocopied abbreviated or full certificate is produced no search fee is required and the fee payable is £10. However, you can only request this in person at our Registration offices as the certificate requires to be seen and a form requires to be completed.

For more information contact the Licensing and Registration office.

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