Report a repair

All council tenants can report repairs. Tell us as much as possible about the repair you are reporting, as this will help us identify the problem and get the work done as quickly as possible.


Our repairs service is delivering an emergency and essential repairs service only at this time due to the current situation with the Covid Omicron variant.

Further guidance will be provided on reporting of non-essential repairs as soon as possible.  

If you would like more information on what we categorise as emergency, essential or non-essential repairs please see our examples further down this page.

Before we can arrange an inspector or tradesman to visit the property, you must make sure that:

  • you or anyone else in the house have not had symptoms of Covid-19 and have not been in contact with anyone displaying symptoms of Covid-19 in the last 14 days
  • you or anyone else in the house stay in a different room to the inspector/tradesperson while they are in the house

If you or anyone else in the house have had symptoms of Covid-19 or have been in contact with anyone with symptoms in the last 14 days we can't visit the house unless it is an emergency repair.

Emergency and urgent repairs

To report an emergency or urgent repair, phone our Housing repairs team using the contact details shown. If outside of office hours, phone our Out of Hours repairs team. Examples of an emergency repair are:

  • Smell of gas - phone 0800 111 999
  • Blocked drains, toilets, or sinks
  • Fire damage
  • Flooding, such as a burst water pipe
  • Insecure external windows, doors, or locks
  • Loss of electrical power
  • Lost or broken keys
  • No heating and/or hot water 
  • Smoke or heat detector alarm ringing
  • Unsafe power or lighting sockets

Examples of repair types

Emergency repairs include:

  • Total loss of water or electricity
  • Unsafe electrical fittings
  • Main sewer drain is blocked and backing up into property
  • Blocked or unusable toilet facilities and only one facility in property
  • Insecure doors and windows to the home
  • Heating and/or hot water loss
  • Out of service lifts
  • Failure of warden alarm or call system
  • Total loss of gas supply (gas leaks will be addressed via redirection of customers to gas emergency line and gas emergency process will be identified)
  • Failure of door entry system for elderly or vulnerable tenants requiring daily assistance
  • Fire
  • Flood

Essential repairs include:

  • Anything required to keep your property wind and water tight
  • Heating or hot water faults
  • Partial loss of electrical power that impacts on a whole room or circuit such as cooking facilities or fridge/freezer or similar
  • Partial loss of water supply where the fault is inside the property, including to a tap
  • Constant slow leak for example from toilet, bath or shower that is affecting the floor below (leaving this too long could cause more substantial damage) 
  • Toilet flush 
  • Blocked sink, bath or basin where the customer has been unable to unblock themselves
  • Shower repairs 
  • Replacement window handles where the window cannot close or lock
  • Locking mechanism on external doors such as unable to open or secure
  • Broken extractor fan (not in use for a prolonged period lead to damp and condensation leading to longer term problems) 
  • Insecure doors or windows in a communal area
  • Minor aids and adaptation works that enable a customer to return home from hospital or avoid going into hospital or care home

Non-essential repairs include:

  • Repairs to kitchen units, general joinery repairs internally 
  • Minor plumbing repairs for example dripping taps
  • Repairs to kitchen fittings for example, cupboard doors, drawers, worktops and handles
  • Damage to stair treads or handrails or banisters unless it is causing a health and safety issue – this may be dependent on who lives in your household, for example children, vulnerable adults
  • Cracks on windows
  • One isolated socket (as long as not health and safety risk such as exposed wires or sparked/burn marks)
  • Minor plastering works 
  • New internal doors being fitted (fire doors excluded)

Housing repairs centre

Opening hours: Monday - Thursday, 8.45am - 4.45pm Friday, 8.45am - 4.15pm

Phone: 0303 123 1010

Emergency/out-of-hours repairs

Available out of office hours (evenings and weekends)

Phone: 0800 242024