Lived Experience Fund

The purpose of the Lived Experience Fund is to support organisations in capturing the lived experience of local residents to help inform community planning partnership service delivery and policy development.

  • Engaging with local people in this way can help to ensure that:-
  • There is equality and dignity for all;
  • Services and activities are relevant to local needs;
  • Communities can voice their opinions and identify what works and what doesn't;
  • Everyone feels valued and included;
  • Sense of community is improved;
  • Sense of control and influence strengthened in local communities;
  • Collective action is promoted; and
  • People are empowered to deliver effective interventions in their own lives and in that of their communities.

This money can only be used to capture the views and experiences of people who live in South Lanarkshire and who experience poverty, inequalities and/or deprivation.    The money can be used for example:- 

  • To purchase equipment/materials;
  • To print leaflets/posters;
  • Any costs associated with the distribution of leaflets/posters;
  • Costs associated with changes to how participation and engagement is delivered during the COVID-19 pandemic, for example, making phone calls; or the purchase of online engagement software; or
  • To pay someone to carry out the work on your behalf.

Available funding and how it is distributed:

  • Up to £500 per application.
  • Organisations can only apply once in any financial year i.e. April to March.
  • The application must meet the criteria set out in the attached form to be considered for an award.
  • All applications will be assessed using standard criteria and will be approved by the South Lanarkshire Community Planning Partnership Board.
  • The South Lanarkshire Community Planning Partnership Board will use a standard set of criteria to decide which organisations will receive funding.

    Organisations that can apply:

  • Local Community Organisations that are based in the South Lanarkshire area and who are able to contribute to improving service design and delivery in relation to the South Lanarkshire Community Plan’s overarching objective of Tackling Deprivation, Poverty and Inequality.

(Please note that organisations who have not reported back on previous funding due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic cannot apply for this years’ funding award). 

How to apply?

To apply fill out and return the Lived Experience Application Form below.  Your application must be accompanied by the Conditions of Grant Form which must be signed by an office bearer.   (Both of these forms can be completed electronically but must be signed before they can be emailed to us).  (Please note that the closing date for applications is Friday 14 January 2022).

Lived Experience Fund Application Form