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Digital Inclusion Group

Developing a consistent and co-ordinated approach across all partners to engage with local community groups, charities, voluntary sector and public sector organisations to promote all aspects of digital inclusion ensuring that more people have access to the internet as well as the capacity to utilise it.  This is done by the bringing together of staff from across South Lanarkshire who work in partnership to promote all aspects of digital inclusion.

This group has been active since 2012 and has members from relevant partners across all sectors and is currently chaired by IT Resources, South Lanarkshire Council.

The Digital Inclusion Group has been, and continues to be, active in promoting all the services available and is proactive in the following:

  • Sharing information
  • Networking
  • Signposting and referring to partners
  • Training for frontline staff
  • Hosting awareness raising events and seminars for example an event for frontline staff to explain Universal Credit (in partnership with DWP)
  • Production of maps highlighting facilities and venues where the public can gain free access to the internet across South Lanarkshire.  These maps are both printed and electronic
  • The Digital Inclusion Group facilitated a survey which successfully engaged 500 households and contributed towards SLC’s Digital Inclusion Strategy
  • Administered £120,000 of funding for installation of Wi-Fi to facilities across South Lanarkshire