Energy efficient homes delivered across area

Published: Monday 8 November 2021

This is a picture of Councillor Josh Wilson South Lanarkshire's Chair of Housing and Technical Resources. He is wearing a safety helmet and hi-vis vest

More than 1300 affordable homes have been added in South Lanarkshire – and more houses than ever are meeting “green” standards.

The progress on both important fronts was outlined in a report that also noted that South Lanarkshire Council had been able to dramatically reduce the impact of homelessness, despite the pressures across society caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Josh Wilson, the council’s Housing and Technical Resources chair, said: “We believe everyone has the right to somewhere decent to live, which is why we have put so much focus on our house-building programme and our Local Housing Strategy (LHS).

“Through this, we have seen a total of 339 additional affordable homes for social rent delivered in 2020/21, taking the total to 1,339 across the four years of the current LHS. Almost 94% of council homes also meet the initial phase of national energy efficiency standards for social housing – and we are working hard to increase that proportion even further.”

The LHS report was presented to the council’s Executive Committee, at which Councillor Wilson said he was proud that the council’s work had also helped reduced the number of homeless households living in temporary accommodation for more than 12 months by 41% since 2019/20.

He added: “The pandemic has been a tough time for everyone, but the LHS report highlights some of the ways we have overcome some of the challenges. Hard work and staff initiative has meant we have continued to provide a great standard of service to those who need it.”

The LHS update also noted that the council had administered more than £17 million in grants through the Scottish Government’s Energy Efficient Scotland: Area Based Scheme. This has funded 5,946 improvements to properties including the installation of internal and external insulation.

It also outlined continuing areas of work, including the council and partners delivering 230 new social rented properties through the Whitlawburn Regeneration Masterplan, which is due for completion in 2022/2023.

Progress will continue to be delivered throughout 2021/22 in the final year of the current LHS, and a new strategy will be developed for the next five year period, from 2022/23.