Pink and blue ribbons in memory of babies gone too soon

Published: Friday 6 October 2023

This image shows Councillor Lynsey Hamilton outside SLC HQ where ribbons can be placed in memory of babies who lost their lives too soon

South Lanarkshire Council will play its part in turning the area blue and pink for Baby Loss Awareness Week 2023.

The Town House, Hamilton will be lit in both colours from October 9-15 to highlight and raise awareness of the event led across the UK by charity, Sands.

Meanwhile, the council’s Chair of Education, Councillor Lynsey Hamilton, is leading an initiative to display the campaign’s distinctive blue and pink ribbons at council offices in Almada Street. 

She was the first to tie up a commemorative ribbon, in memory of daughter Carys who was born asleep in January this year.

Others affected by baby loss can also take the opportunity to select a ribbon, write their baby’s name on it, and attach it to the designated area outside the headquarters building.

The aim is to create an eye-catching display of blue and pink in memory of babies lost too soon in families across South Lanarkshire. The ribbons will remain in place for two weeks.

Baby Loss Awareness Week is now in its 21st year and was established to create a way for those in the baby loss community to collectively remember much-loved and missed babies. 

The week also provides an opportunity to raise awareness of the impact of pregnancy and baby loss; the importance of bereavement support, and the vital work needed to improve pregnancy outcomes.

The event culminates with a ‘Wave of Light’ on 15 October when people across the baby loss community and beyond are encouraged to light a candle at 7pm to remember all babies that have died too soon. 

Said Councillor Hamilton: “I hope that our plans for this week, and the very welcome support of the council, will spark conversations about baby loss and give local bereaved parents and families an opportunity to talk about their precious babies.

"After losing a baby, at any stage of pregnancy, I have felt it’s important to find ways of marking the fact that your baby existed. So, I know that this public display of ribbons will be appreciated greatly, not only by the parents of the babies but also by their wider families.

“My message to them is to please feel free to come along to our display at the council offices, if and when they feel comfortable, to pay tribute to their precious child, no matter how much time has passed. I hope it brings comfort to many and goes some way towards breaking the stigma around baby loss.”

Clea Harmer, Chief Executive of Sands and Chair of the Baby Loss Awareness Alliance, said: “Last year, Baby Loss Awareness Week explored the steps people take along their grief journey, and communities engaged and resonated with that.

“It allowed people to explore their own experiences, learn from others and base their Baby Loss Awareness Week activities around that. 

“This year, we are exploring that theme again and we hope that, together, we can reassure anyone who finds themselves on their own grief journey, and we hope that events such as those taking place in South Lanarkshire, can show that there are communities out there that exist to help, whatever step of your journey you are on.”

Anyone taking part can share their photos of their ribbons on social media and include the hashtag #BLAW to reach as many people as possible. For those unable to hang a ribbon in person virtual ribbons can be placed online.