Local people have say in where public money is spent

Published: Wednesday 29 November 2023

This image shows pupils from St Paul's Primary School after the parent council were awarded £2500 in PB money

Local young people and the wider community are to benefit from a successful funding bid from St Paul’s Parent Council.

The Parent Council of the school in Hamilton have been awarded £2,500 following a Participatory Budgeting (PB) exercise, which gives local people a direct say in how public money is spent.

The funding will provide a programme of extra-curricular and family activities and provide support to local people over the winter period.

The council’s community engagement team coordinate the process in conjunction with local stakeholders, with the funding coming from the council and National Lottery,

It will also provide children with free access to sport activities after school and during the school holidays. The activities include multi-sports, rugby, tennis, gymnastics and dance classes, which will promote physical health and wellbeing.

The group also aim to provide family cooking sessions focusing on affordable recipes to encourage an interest in healthy eating habits, creating new life skills and strengthening family bonds.

Finally, St Paul’s Parent Council plan to work with others to provide a warm, safe space where families and individuals can socialise and engage with others to reduce social isolation and promote community cohesion through connecting with others in the local community.

Council Leader and Chair of the Community Planning Partnership, Councillor Joe Fagan, said: “St Paul’s Parent Council have clearly thought long and hard about how the PB funding could help the whole community.

“The range of support they are looking to provide is something which I am sure will be very welcome in their local area and I look forward to hearing how successful each initiative has been.

“Well done to everyone involved at St Paul’s Parent Council.”