Burnhill Action Group secures community fund boost

Published: Wednesday 20 March 2024

Some of the Burnhill Action Group are standing together on the site of the new community use area holding large round boards, spelling out  £5000

A £5000 Participatory Budget (PB) grant will help improve and maintain a formerly derelict area now back in community use.

Burnhill Action Group is a key member of the ‘Burnhill, Our Place, Our Plan’ project, which allows local people to vote on how a pot of community funding is spent.

Action Group volunteers responded to the most recent vote on an allocation of £28,278 by redeveloping a derelict area known locally as ‘High Backs’.

It is now a multi-purpose space incorporating a coffee hut, community pantry, and dedicated areas for community growing and group activities.

Now, a further £5000 of PB funding will allow the group to fulfill yet more of the priorities identified in the community vote, including establishing both water and electricity sources, installing a portable toilet and adding solar lighting.

The purchase of a ride-on lawnmower will also keep the grassed areas accessible and tidy throughout the summer months.

Council Leader and Chair of the Community Planning Partnership, Councillor Joe Fagan, said: “Burnhill Action Group is a community-led group working to support the community through activities, events, and initiatives, and is a key delivery partner for ‘Our Place Our Plan Burnhill’.

“This £5000 means the group can go even further in a variety of inventive and sustainable ways, to develop and build upon the great work already achieved at ‘High Backs’.

“Solar lighting will mean the area can be used throughout the darker evenings, silent generators will reduce any noise being created to supply electricity, and a water butt will collect rainwater for use in the community growing area.

“I’m delighted that PB funding is being used in such creative and sustainable ways to improve the quality of community space on offer to the residents of Burnhill.”

The council’s community engagement team coordinates the Participatory Budgeting process in conjunction with local stakeholders, with the funding coming from the council and the National Lottery.

More information about Participatory Budgeting is available on the Community Planning website.

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