School praised for high quality learning

Published: Wednesday 10 April 2024

primary school classroom

A team of inspectors from Education Scotland have given Newfield Primary School and Nursery a very good report.

The report praised Newfield Primary School and Nursery for the nurturing and supportive relationships between staff and all children and the consistently high-quality learning across the school and nursery.

It also highlighted the effective way staff used data to ensure pupil progress and monitor any potential issues and barriers to learning as the pupils progress through the school.

Pupils were also developing new skills through leadership groups which led to positive contributions to the school as a whole.

The inspectors were also impressed with the nursery class’s richly resourced indoor and outdoor play environment.

nursery school outdoor play area


The school was also very good with Evaluation Learning, teaching and assessment whilst inspectors evaluated raising attainment and achievement as good.

And the six-point scale Quality indicators for the nursery class were:

  • Evaluation Learning, teaching and assessment - very good
  • Securing children’s progress - very good

Laura Horn, Headteacher at Newfield Primary and Nursery Class, said: “We are delighted with the outcome of our recent inspection. The inspectors recognised all the hard work we do in building pupils’ confidence through leadership opportunities, with pupil led masterclasses, leaderships groups and extra-curricular clubs.

“We are also happy that the hard work of the staff was recognised in our evaluation of very good for teaching and learning experiences.

“In the nursery the team has been developing both the outdoor and indoor environment and this was also highly praised by the inspection team.

“A huge thanks to the pupils, parents and staff who have contributed to this very positive report.”

The report also highlighted that the school should develop more approaches to play-based learning and outdoor learning in the primary school whilst the nursery should continue to prioritise literacy and numeracy through play.

Carole McKenzie, the council’s Executive Director of Education, said: “Congratulations to Laura Horn and her teaching staff for all their hard work to provide such a supportive environment to allow pupils to benefit from the high-quality learning as pupils progress to each new level of their educational journey.

“This very good HMIe report clearly reflects a real sense of overall accomplishment which must make staff, parents and families very proud indeed.”