Wish list helps group continue to support families in need

Published: Wednesday 24 April 2024

Burnbank Community HUB with Community Wish List £500 donation

A community hub providing vital support to those most in need has received a £500 donation – thanks to the Community Wish List.

Burnbank Community HUB, based in Gilmour and Whitehill Parish Church, made a request to the Community Wish List for a financial contribution to allow them to continue to provide their foodbank, community café and cover the cost of energy bills as the cost-of-living crisis continues to affect so many in their local community.

Ann Paul, the HUB’s session clerk, said: “What a wonderful feeling to know that a company has responded to our wish.

“MacLay Civil Engineers has given us £500 to help towards ensuring around 85 families will benefit each week from our services. This donation is very much appreciated.”

The HUB provides bowls of nutritious home-made soup, filled rolls, tea/coffee and a selection of scones and cakes as well as bags of various tinned goods, bread and toiletries.

It also offers free referral services to groups including Money Matters, Housing, Select Employability, DSS, NHS, and Energy providers.

Charles M. McLaughlan, Maclay Civil Engineering’s Managing Director, said: “We are aware of our corporate social responsibilities and the role we play in making a difference to the communities we work in.

“We are proud to make a £500 donation to Burnbank Community HUB. This donation is not just a financial commitment, it’s a symbol of our dedication to building a more inclusive and compassionate society.

“As a company, we will continue to support the communities in which we work, making a difference to the landscape and to the people who live there.”

The Community Wish List is supported by the council’s Community Engagement Team.

Chair of the council's Finance and Corporate Resources Committee, Councillor Lesley McDonald, said: "This is another great example of the Community Wish List and the benefits it can bring.

“I am delighted that Burnbank Community HUB will be able to continue with all their good work thanks to

"I would like to thank all Maclay Civil Engineering’s generous donation to such a worthy local group."