Flag raised for Autism Pride Day

Published: Thursday 20 June 2024

This image shows council employee John Whiteside with the Autism Pride flag outside council HQ

Autistic Pride Day was once again celebrated this year by raising the Autism Pride flag outside council HQ.

South Lanarkshire’s Autism community members joined representatives from the Health and Social Care Partnership, alongside UNISON to celebrate the flag raising event earlier this week.

This year the Autism Pride flag was raised by John Whiteside, an autistic employee, in recognition of the many neurodivergent staff members employed by the Health and Social Care Partnership, and who add hugely to the quality of services delivered.

Hamilton Town House was also lit in neurodivergent blue to celebrate Autistic Pride day.

Director, Health and Social Care, Professor Soumen Sengupta, said: “South Lanarkshire’s Autism Resources Coordination Hub (ARCH) is now in its sixth year of existence and were proud to support this day.

“It provides an important public opportunity for us to recognise the important contributions of members of our communities and celebrate the strength that comes from valuing the diversity of our communities.”

ARCH Coordinator Ramon Hutchingson said: “Autistic People’s Organisations are drivers for positive change in Scotland and together with allies in the neurotypical community are a key force in the movement for autistic acceptance and autistic pride.

“Our Neurodivergent community is on the verge of real reform which could place Scotland at the forefront of autism-informed policy and practice.”