Photograph Refresh for S4 and Upwards

update photo

If you applied for your NEC when you moved from primary school over to first year at secondary school, the photograph shown on your card will therefore have been taken at age 11.

By the time you reach age 15/16 your appearance could have changed significantly, so we have implemented a programme to refresh pupils photographs when they reach fourth year at secondary school.

Once your photograph has been replaced we will update your National Entitlement Card and send you a new one. This should make accessing age restricted services simpler - as you will be more easily recognised from the up to date photograph on your card.

The updates will be arranged via the secondary schools and you will be notified when your school is due for photograph refresh. If you attend one of the schools which have already been visited, but have not had your photograph updated, please contact your school office or call 0303 123 1015.

If you do not attend an SLC secondary school, or wish to update your photograph independently, please see our Update photograph page for further information.