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Financial Inclusion Network

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The Financial Inclusion Network (FIN) was established after the introduction of the UK Government’s Welfare Reform Programme in 2012 enabling partners to share relevant information and, wherever possible, work in partnership to mitigate the negative impacts on individuals, families and communities.  The network has continued to provide this support throughout COVID and currently through the cost-of-living crisis.  The network is all about ensuring effective communication across partners and making the best use of available resources to support financial wellbeing.

The network has approximately 300 members representing in the region of 70 organisations from across the community, voluntary, charitable and public sector.  The work of FIN is facilitated and delivered via a range of groups, where members have mobilised to address key themes including Digital Inclusion, Fuel Poverty and the Living Wage.  These groups meet quarterly or more regularly dependant on areas for action.  FIN has a development budget which is used to test and try new approaches at promoting awareness, inclusion and financial wellbeing.

Members are actively involved in determining agendas, identifying priorities for action including inputs from visiting speakers or other FIN members.  Robust mechanisms are in place to promote information sharing good communication flow between the Network and group meetings.

Currently, FIN holds bi-annual networking events for members to share information/projects and work together to promote communication between partners.  The first event is held in the spring for FIN members only and a second event is held during our Challenge Poverty Week programme with a focus on inviting the public, communities and anyone looking to access further advice or support from any of our member organisations.  If you would like to join our FIN, please contact the Community Engagement Team using the following email address: communities@southlanarkshire.gov.uk.