You can collect points and claim exclusive rewards through being active and getting involved in activities both online and in person. You might already be involved in these activities!

We have created a local, bespoke Rewards package for South Lanarkshire National Entitlement Cardholders in partnership with Legacy 2014 and Young Scot.

To take part you have to activate your National Entitlement Card on the Young Scot website. This will create your personal online Rewards account, where you will be able to log in and watch your points balance grow with the more you do.

You can earn points in a variety of ways; from completing a quick online activity to attending an South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture event.  Current examples include:

  • Complete the health and physical activity survey - 50 points
  • Visit the UK's largest windfarm - 100 points
  • Complete the Police survey - 25 points

Once you register your NEC you will also be able to see the full list of local and national points providing activities and rewards.

Rewards will be available to either claim or win. To claim rewards you just need the correct amount of points to claim the reward; for wins you will redeem a set amount of points to be entered into a draw to win the reward.

The types of rewards available (and points required for each) will vary from month to month so please check back here or on your online Rewards account in Young Scot for updates!