There are several ways you can find what you are looking for in South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture's (the Trust), website

How to use the site

  • There are several ways you can find what you are looking for in South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture's (the Trust), website:

  • The navigation bar, blue bar just under the logo, will give you direct access to each departmental homepage and the subsequent top levels that site under these.

  • The menu at the left of most pages allows you to go straight to a specific area of the Trust services.  For example selecting 'Leisure centres' from the 'Sport' menu will take you to the homepage for Leisure centres. Which inturn, will provide navigation on the left of the page linking to the individual Leisure centres.

  • This 'Quick links' menu appears on the home page in full and is also available by clicking 'Quick links' on other pages. The 'Site map' and Search facility appears on every page.

  • The navigation area along the top right of this page appears on every page in the site.  You can use this to go to 'About us', 'Contacting us' 'Listen and text only' and 'Vacancies'. The search box in the top of each page, allows you to type in one or more keywords which will return you a list of relevant pages within the site that may contain the information you are looking for.  Results are displayed in alphabetical order showing the page title and description.

  • If your search brings you no results, try simplifying the keyword or words you are using to search. If you get too many results, try adding another keyword to refine your search.

  • The site map shows you the top level of the site's navigation structure, with links to all the main pages.

  • All pages in the website have links to related facilities and contacts and sometimes also to related pages within the site.  Related weblinks on a page are to external sites and these links will open in the same window or by 'right clicking' on the link, you have the option to open them in a new window.

Opening times

  • Every effort has been made to ensure that all opening are accurate. We would advise you to check with the facility, to see if there is a change in opening times due to staff training, closures, etc.

Viewing or downloading publications and forms

  • All publications or documents included on this site are in PDF (Portable Document Format). The title and description will tell you the format of the document, what size it is, and an estimated download time (on a 56k dial-up connection).

  • To view a pdf, click on a document title to open it in the same window. You can also right click on the link, this will give you the option of opening the PDF in a new window. You can then save a copy of the document in a location you select on your computer.

  • To download a pdf without viewing it, right click (or click and hold for Apple Mac) on a document title, select 'Save Target As...' and select a location on your computer system to save the document.

Adobe Acrobat Reader software

  • You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to be able to view a publication or form in PDF format. If you don't have Acrobat Reader, go to to download a free copy.

Portable Document Format (PDF) documents

  • We have made every effort to make our PDFs as accessible as possible, using bookmarks to aid navigation and tags to allow people using screen readers to access the content. We recommend using the latest version of Acrobat Reader to access the full functionality of the PDF publications and forms on our site. If you experience problems in viewing PDFs in your browser window, try refreshing the page or saving a copy to your computer.

Online and downloadable (PDF) forms

  • A number of forms on this site are available for online completion and we will be adding to the number of online forms in the months ahead. The remainder are PDF forms on the site that are enabled for electronic completion. This means that you can save a copy of the form to a location you select on your computer, complete the form fields in Adobe Acrobat, print out a copy for your records and a copy to send, sign and return by post or in person to the address indicated on the form.

  • If you have a full version of Adobe Acrobat you can fill in the form electronically, save it and email the completed form to us as an attachment, to the email address included in the document. However, you can only save a completed form if you have the full version of Adobe.

  • If you prefer, you can print out the form, complete it by hand and return it by post or in person to the address on the form.

Maps on this site

  • Where possible, we provide small maps for the locations of our facilities throughout this site. All maps included on this site © Crown copyright.  All rights reserved. 100020730 2007.

Weblinks on this site

  • On this site, we provide links to other websites that may assist visitors with further information on related topics. The Trust has no responsibility for these linked websites and no control over their content.  Linking to a site is not an endorsement of any views expressed on the site or services offered.

  • Please let us know about any broken links - email

Linking your site to ours

Requests for linking our site to yours

  • We are often asked to publish weblinks for other agencies. These are assessed in consultation with the most appropriate service to decide if they should be added to one of our topic pages. If you want us to consider linking to your site please email We cannot always reciprocate these offers.

Website feedback

  • If you have any problems viewing or downloading the publications or forms on our site, or enquiries about printed publications or information available in alternative formats such as large print or a different language, please email

  • As we strive to develop our website, we will be making further improvements in the months ahead. If you have any comments or suggestions, please email