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Val's blog - May/June 2020

Connected when connection is needed most



In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, how we live and work has been completely transformed. In future blogs and across various other platforms, we will keep you informed on the key aspects of the health and social care recovery process.

For now, however, I wanted to reflect on an aspect of our partership journey so far, I believe, bodes well for the vital next stage. That's the importance of connections.

I was struck by the story of mum-of-one Ashleigh Allan from Viewpark, Lanarkshire, pictured with her daughter Brihanna.


Ashleigh and daughter Brihanna

Ashleigh is living with acute anxiety and depression and is supported by community psychiatric nurse, Claire Stevenson.

Like many other community services, Claire has had restricted capacity to go out and see patients - but has regularly linked to Ashleigh via 'Near Me' video consultations. Despite initial fears of being isolated, Near Me has meant that Ashleigh has felt connected - when connection has been needed the most.

Connections like this have been made possible by our award-winning Technology Enabled Care (TEC) team, working closely with colleagues across Lanarkshire, they have created the infrastructure to enable 11,000 consultations since March. An incredible achievement - detailed on our website - and made all the more remarkable considering there were 75 consultations in February.

It's not just scaled-up technology keeping us together. Compassion and thoughtfulness is too.

The brilliant efforts of one of the oldest residents of McClymont House in Lanark, underlines that. Despite living with athritis, 98-years-young Mrs Rebecca Parker has embarked on a 100-day piano marathon for charity. Every morning the nimble fingured nonagenarian, originally from Skye, plays Scottish music on the Baby Grand piano. Despite residents having to remain separate because of distancing, the melodies can be heard throughout the home - providing a vital note of comfort and connection for others during the lockdown. Read the full story on our website.

The spirit of togetherness has also been brought to life in this short film, about how two heroes of WWII connected from their care home to a local primary school hub to celebrate VE Day (via the wonders of Near Me).

Also providing continual reassurance in our communties is an army of volunteers, who are quite rightly being recognised in volunteer's week. Their contribution has been profund and a small but vital part of their overall efforts are highlighted in a special animation we have made on the subject of 'shielding'. It explains how partners including volunteers are working together to protect the most vulnerable.

Today, the future looks much different than any of us could have imagined at the start of the year.

But all the connections we have forged and innovative ways we have forged them, will equip us well for the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Thank you for reading

Val de Souza
Director of Health and Social Care
South Lanarkshire Health and Social Care Partnership

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