The breadth of services which South Lanarkshire University Health and Social Care Partnership is responsible for in terms of planning and commissioning is significant. These services not only cover all adult and social care community-based health services (including children's health services) but include elements of adult hospital care.

The below list details of all services under the scope of the partnership.

Hospital Services

•             Accident and emergency services provided in a hospital

•             Inpatient services related to general medicine, geriatric medicine, rehabilitation medicine, respiratory medicine and  palliative care service provided in a hospital 

•             Paediatrics

•             Psychiatry of learning disability (Learning Disability Services)

•             Inpatient hospital services provided by General Medical Practitioners

•             Services in relation to addiction or dependence substances

•             Mental health services with the exception of forensic mental health services


Community Health Services

•             District nursing services

•             Health visiting

•             Addiction services

•             Allied health professionals in an outpatient department, clinic, or outwith a hospital

•             Public dental services

•             Primary medical services

•             General dental services

•             Ophthalmic services

•             Pharmaceutical services

•             Primary care out of hours

•             Geriatric Medicine

•             Palliative care

•             Community learning disability services

•             Mental health services (including community forensic services)

•             Kidney dialysis services

•             Services provided by health professionals that aim to promote public health

•             Community Paediatrics


Social Care Services

•             Social work services for adults and older people

•             Services and support for adults with physical disabilities and learning disabilities

•             Mental health services

•             Drug and alcohol services

•             Adult protection and domestic abuse

•             Carers support services

•             Community care assessment teams

•             Support services

•             Care home services

•             Adult placement services

•             Aspects of housing support, including aids and adaptations

•             Day services

•             Local area co-ordination

•             Respite provision

•             Occupational therapy services

•             Reablement services, equipment and telecare

Hosted Services

A number of health orientated services will be designed on a Lanarkshire-wide basis. Both North and South Lanarkshire University Health and Social Care Partnerships are able to develop and describe their requirements of Hosted Services for delivery in their respective Partnerships.

Services hosted by South Lanarkshire Integration Joint Board

Community Dental Services


Health and Homelessness

Primary Care Administration

Palliative Care

GP Out of Hours

Traumatic Brain Injury

Occupational Therapy


Services be hosted by North Lanarkshire Integration Joint Board

Care Home Liason

Community Children’s Services



Mental Health and Learning Disability


Continence Services


Sexual Health

Speech and Language

Substance Misuse

Prisoner Health Care