SLHSCP in action

Partnership working in action

Working together to improve health and wellbeing in the community – with the community . . .

We are committed to living that vision.  That means making sure people are independent where possible, and can live the healthiest lives they can. We aim to do this by combining, sharing and co-ordinating health and social care services.  You can see some of those who’ve been helped by this joined-up approach by watching the films below.

Fraser’s story

We use communication technology at work, rest and play. Whether it’s a teleconference, ordering shopping online or booking activities. The simple text message is also now at the heart of a healthcare revolution – and is helping people take care of their hearts, minds and general health.

Alan’s story

Alan Snowden from Biggar speaks of his experience of being cared for by South Lanarkshire Health and Social Care Partnership's Integrated Community Support Team - and how this allows him to continue to live independently in his own home, in his own community:

John’s story

John McCluskey, who appears in this film, passed away on Tuesday 4th August 2015. His family have intimated that John was extremely proud of his part in the production and grateful for the care and support he received from the Integrated Community Support Team, who enabled to him to stay in his own home up until the last few days of his life. John’s family have now dedicated this film to his memory.

You’re Hired

Residents at McClymont House in South Lanarkshire – including a sprightly centenarian – were part of an interview panel who put candidates through their paces to appoint a Social Care Worker at their care home. Find out about their story – and how we’re ensuring people have as much say over their lives, even in statutory, settings by watching the above clip.