Building and celebrating communities

Building and celebrating communities

Building and Celebrating Communities

South Lanarkshire Health and Social Care Partnership’s vision is “Working together to improve health and wellbeing in the community – with the community.” It is about improving people’s experience of health and social care. It is also about helping people living in their communities to live well, to know how to enhance their health and wellbeing and for communities to recognise their strengths, their dependencies and interdependencies. SLH&SCP’s Building and Celebrating Communities (BCC) programme is based on the principles of Asset-based community development (ABCD). ABCD challenges the wider traditional approaches that try to solve urban and rural development challenges by focusing on the needs and deficiencies of individuals, and communities. ABCD demonstrates that people, local assets and individual strengths are key to ensure sustainable community development, and that people have a life of their own choosing.

BCC in a nutshell

In a nutshell, the overriding objective of BCC, as the above film describes, is to explore how we can generate more space for communities to create the things that matter to them - and how we can support these activities.

Through the BCC programme, we want to identify three key areas.

1. We want to identify what it is that communities can and are doing best on their own. Not everything needs involvement from big agencies and this is not about reinventing the wheel or interfering. If anything, we want to celebrate what’s working – whilst being mindful many people want to help each other out without making a fuss.

2. We want to try and identify where communities require help. Sometimes this may require a very light touch, making a connection or offering minimal assistance to get an initiative, formal or otherwise, off the ground, like a sporting group or befriending network. Sometimes it may require a bit more assistance or involvement for a longer period of time.

3. We want to identify what communities need SLH&SCP and partner agencies to do for them, initially or on an ongoing basis - and take a leading role in making that happen.

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