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Living well with chronic pain

Published: Tuesday, 05 November 2019

Living well with chronic pain

Living well with chronic pain - online info boosts support to staff and patients

NHS Lanarkshire’s chronic pain service has introduced a new section to the Board’s website to assist people in Lanarkshire to live as well as possible with chronic pain.

Chronic pain is surprisingly common, with around one in five people in Scotland suffering chronic pain to some degree and about one in 20 having more severe chronic pain.

The new web section provides information to help patients and carers better understand and manage chronic pain. It also explains how and where to get help, including a list of pain association meetings in Lanarkshire.

Dr Josephine Pravinkumar, consultant in public health medicine, said the online information supports the service in helping people living with chronic pain: “Our focus is on helping people to learn to live with their pain and improve their quality of life as much as is possible.
“This new section of the website will help us to achieve that and provides a great resource for patients.”

The chronic pain service is working with University of Strathclyde to develop the web pages further based on evaluation of user feedback and experience.

You can view the information at: www.nhslanarkshire.scot.nhs.uk/services/chronic-pain/