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NHS Lanarkshire welcomes approval of Blantyre Care Hub

Published: Friday, 10 January 2020

NHS Lanarkshire welcomes approval of Blantyre Care Hub

NHSL has welcomed a decision that will see the creation of a Care Hub, technology enabled houses and a centre of excellence.

South Lanarkshire Council Planning Committee’s recent approval of the development, proposed by South Lanarkshire Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP), followed extensive public engagement in the local area.

A formal tendering process is now underway and work is expected to begin on the state-of-the-art facility this Spring.

Calum Campbell, Chief Executive of NHS Lanarkshire, said: “I warmly welcome the approval of this development. The Care Hub will deliver a model of care that will enhance the Partnership’s ability to safely meet people’s changing needs, particularly in light of significant population change in recent times.”

Research shows that most people would prefer to stay in their own home for as long as possible, living in a community they know with friends and family near at hand.

The HSCP – of which NHS Lanarkshire is a major partner – continues to strengthen many of its community-based supports. In turn, people who might previously have moved into a care home on a long-term basis because of ill health and/or growing dependency can be supported in their own home. The HSCP is also committed to supporting an increasing number of unpaid carers.

Services at the new Care Hub will be delivered by a team of health and social care professionals, who will focus on helping individuals who become unwell to avoid hospital admission, where possible. Where people have required a period of time in hospital, their recovery will be supported via rehabilitation in the transitional care setting.

Neena Mahal, Chair of NHS Lanarkshire, said: “The Care Hub concept is testament, firstly, to an exemplary culture of partnership working that’s been established in Lanarkshire and, secondly, the Health and Social Care Partnership’s clear commitment to providing health and care that’s fit for today and the future.”

Val de Souza, Chief Officer of South Lanarkshire Health and Social Care Partnership, also welcomed the Committee’s decision - and stressed the Partnership’s commitment to maintaining a meaningful dialogue with the local community remains as strong as ever.

“Whilst the bricks and mortar will be set down, we offer a concrete commitment to keeping our dialogue with the local community very much open.

“We are focused on building community life into the very fabric of the Care Hub. We know there’s an abundance of lived experience out there and we would be delighted to hear local residents’ views on how they can work with us.”

Ms de Souza added: “The approval of these plans offers not the end point of a journey but see us reach base camp. We are delighted with this decision but remain absolutely committed to our vision; Working to improve health and wellbeing in the community - with the community.”

The new Care Hub which will serve South Lanarkshire, has four distinct elements:

  • 20 transitional care beds for adults and older people (transitional care offers short term support with the objective of allowing people to return home following a period of ill health or crisis. Transitional care can also be preventative, preventing hospital admission)
  • A centre of excellence – specialising in training and development of health and social care staff. Although unique to the proposed Hamilton/Blantyre facility, this will support all localities.
  • A community-facing hub featuring: A café; Demonstration site (showcasing our Telehealth technology and how that can improve lives); Guidance and support for unpaid carers; Linkage and signposting into a raft of community-based voluntary and third sector support
  • 20 technology enabled homes for adults and older people.
  • Survey results from the public engagement events in the summer – which were published on the Partnership website – demonstrated a strong sense of support for the Partnership’s vision of creating a more flexible and responsive model of care that offers people real choice and to live independently where possible and appropriate. The Partnership also heard, however, that there were some local concerns in Blantyre over issues including access, congestion and road safety.
  • Following feedback given at events, and through the wider planning process, the Partnership took concerns and suggestions into full consideration and a revised planning application was published in October.

Val de Souza, Chief Officer of South Lanarkshire Health and Social Care Partnership, said: “Communities themselves are a vital component of our Partnership and, as people would expect, we took on board what we were told as the planning process progressed.

“On the back of this, we worked with our planning colleagues and revised the plan, with clear amendments addressing issues including access, congestion and road safety, without causing any significant delay to the process.”

For comments of feedback relating to the future of the community hub email: Maureen.bridges@southlanarkshire.gov.uk

or write to

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