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Support available for vulnerable adults

Published: Friday, 19 February 2021

Support available for vulnerable adults

The fourth national Adult Protection Day takes place tomorrow.

South Lanarkshire Adult Support and Protection Committee are supportive of the day and believe everyone has the right to live their life safe from harm. 

The Adult Support and Protection (Scotland) Act 2007 is there to protect adults who are unable to protect themselves.

An adult may be at risk of harm if they are over 16 years, unable to safeguard their own wellbeing, property, rights and other interests, are at risk of harm (to themselves or others) and are affected by illness, mental disorder, disability or physical or mental infirmity.

A short film highlighting the signs to look out for with regards adults who are at risk of harm is available on the council's YouTube channel

Safaa Baxter, Independent Chair of the committee, said: “I am pleased to mark National Adult Protection Day which celebrates the Adult Support and Protection (Scotland) Act 2007.  

“The Act has been fundamental in supporting and protecting some of the most vulnerable members of our communities. 

“Last year we dealt with more than 3,000 adult protection referrals in South Lanarkshire. These included referrals about a range of issues faced by vulnerable adults who are being physically, financially and psychologically harmed.

“We hope that a National Adult Protection Day will continue to highlight to our communities the issue of adults at risk and adult protection more widely. 

“Unfortunately, there are adults within our communities who are unable to look after themselves for example, because of illness or disability, and may be at risk of all types of harm including neglect, physical, sexual, and financial exploitation. 

“Raising public awareness remains a priority for the South Lanarkshire Adult Protection Committee and we want people to know that there are agencies they can contact if they or someone they know is being harmed. All it takes is a phone call, even an anonymous call to allow further inquiries to be made”.

If you are worried about an adult at risk of harm you can contact:
Social Work Resources on 0303 123 1008
Police Scotland on 101- Non Emergency 
Police Scotland on 999 - Emergency