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Unpaid Carers Survey

Published: Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Unpaid Carers Survey

What Carers need in South Lanarkshire

South Lanarkshire Council is undertaking a consultation to gather the views about supports and services of those who provide or intend to provide unpaid care.  Supporting carers to maintain their caring role is widely acknowledged as vital to the long-term sustainability of health and social care services. The development of new legislation and the expiry of our previous strategy over the last year leads us to review carer related outcomes and performance measures.  A draft carers strategy is being developed that will identify the priorities for carers in South Lanarkshire. We want to gather and listen to the views of carers. This consultation is live between 15 February and 5 March. The consultation can be accessed through this link.

In other news, Lanarkshire Carers Centre are recruiting for a number of positions and welcome applications. Visit https://lanarkshirecarerscentre.org.uk/vacancies