How to use your card

You can use your National Entitlement Card to purchase your discounted travel ticket either before you travel, or once you board.

Most buses are now equipped with electronic ticket machines which read your card, however if your bus does not have one of these machines just show your card to the driver. When travelling on the train or subway you can simply show your concessionary National Entitlement Card to the conductor in order to get your discounted travel.

There are some restrictions around the use of the concessionary travel card, for further information surrounding these restrictions please see the Strathclyde Partnership for Transport website.

In order to gain the discounted travel, you have to use your most recently issued National Entitlement Card. Previously issued cards will not work and you will not be allowed to travel for free.

If you find that you have more than one card, you can check which is the most recent by looking at the last two digits on the long card number. Most cards will end in 01, 02, 03 etc. The card which ends in the highest number will be the card which was most recently issued, and should be used for travelling.

For further information please see

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    Electronic ticket machines