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Food waste and kitchen caddy liners

If you run out of liners you can wrap food waste in newspaper and line your caddy with paper too. Don't use plastic bags as they are are not biodegradable.

When you order liners we will deliver a year’s supply. These will be in a roll of 150 bags which will give you an average of three a week. We aim to deliver them within 15 working days.

All cooked and uncooked food can be recycled using your caddy including:

  •     non-liquid dairy products
  •     meat and bones
  •     eggs and eggshells
  •     fruit and vegetables, including peelings
  •     bread and cakes
  •     fish including bones and shells
  •     rice and pasta
  •     tea bags and coffee grounds

Do not put liquids or oils in your caddy or bin

Your kitchen caddy has a lockable lid so there shouldn't be any smell from it.