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School placing requests

Normally, children attend the school that serves the area where they live. However, there are times when parents want their children to go to another school.

If you want your child to go to another school you can make a placing request by completing one of the online forms listed below:

If you have any difficulties with the online form or require a paper copy of the form, please contact Education Support Services on 0303 123 1023 or email

If you live in South Lanarkshire and decide to make a placing request, we will not reserve a place at your catchment school until we have made a decision on the placing request. If your placing request is not accepted and all places at your local school are filled, you will be offered a place at the next nearest appropriate South Lanarkshire school.

If your child is due to start Primary One in August, you must still register your child at the catchment primary school even if you intend to make a placing request.

The best time to submit placing requests for the next school session is from 16 January until 15 March and you should receive a response no later than 30 April. Completed forms should be returned to Education Resources, Council Offices, Almada Street, Hamilton, ML3 0AA.

If we grant the place, we will let you know if your child can join at the start of the new session in August. If we receive your request after 15 March, we will let you know our decision within two months.

If your application is unsuccessful we will contact you and provide further information on what to do next. If you wish to appeal the decision, you can complete a placing request appeal application form

For more information on placing requests, including who has priority for places, reasons for refusal and the appeals process, please read the information contained in the placing request application form.

The Scottish Government has produced a booklet for parents on choosing a school - download the booklet.

Education support services helpline

Phone: 0303 123 1023
Email: Education support services helpline