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Property enquiry certificates

What information do you get?

Each PEC is covered by an Indemnity Insurance policy. It has information on a property about:


  • planning applications for the property
  • whether it is a listed building
  • whether it is in a conservation area
  • if it is affected by an Article 4 Direction
  • if it is subject to an enforcement notice or other notice under the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Acts

Building warrants

  • recent building warrant applications
  • whether it is subject to any outstanding notices or orders under the Building (Scotland) Acts


  • confirms whether the road adjacent to the property is adopted for maintenance purposes
  • if the property is affected by any transport proposals


  • statutory notices served under the Housing (Scotland) Act for repairs/improvement to the property and payment of improvement grants

Environmental protection and health and safety

  • notices served on the property under a variety of environmental health legislation including the Housing (Scotland) Act, Civic Government (Scotland) Act, Prevention of Damage by Pests Act, Environmental Protection Act and Clean Air Act
  • comments about food safety and/or health and safety if statutory notices have been issued

Contaminated land

  • whether land is in the contaminated land register (only if specifically requested)

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