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Meals at home (meals on wheels)

If you have difficulty cooking meals for yourself, we can organise ready-meals to your home. This service is sometimes known as 'meals on wheels'. A range of meals are available which take into account people's cultural and religious requirements, personal preferences and dietary needs.

We provide two different types of service to cover the council area.

The 'meals on wheels' is a two course meal, prepared by our in-house catering service and delivered by either the Royal Voluntary Service (RVS) or Blantyre Volunteer Group, availability differs across South Lanarkshire which varies from between one and five days per week. With effect from 1 April 2016, there is a cost of £3.00 per meal.

As an alternative, we can arrange with Apetito, pre-prepared frozen meals to be delivered to your home fortnightly, to help you remain as independent as possible and to provide you with a daily nutritious two course, meal.  You are able to choose from a selection of soups, main meals and desserts to suit your own personal preference and they cater for special dietary needs, cultural and religious requirements.

The menu brochure is left for you to select your two course meal and can include either a soup or a dessert. The contract price is £2.88 per two courses.

If required, a microwave and freezer can be provided to use whilst receiving this service.

To pay a meals at home invoice please go to our online payments section and select 'council invoices' payment. Payments can also be made by cash or card at any Pay Point facility or Post Office. Please present your invoice when making payment.

You can discuss having meals at home as part of a carer assessment which can be requested online or by contacting your local social work office.

For more information on charges see Charges for Social Work Services.