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Clydesdale Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance (STAG)

From consultation on the Local Transport Strategy and Local Development Plan, connectivity issues in relation to travel in Clydesdale were identified. 

Following Transport Scotland’s Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance (STAG) process, a transport appraisal study for the Clydesdale area is underway. Options for improving transport across the Clydesdale area are being assessed, and a range of transport options to deliver short, medium, and long-term projects are being identified.

STAG is one process made up of four phases:

  • Pre-appraisal
  • Part 1 Appraisal
  • Part 2 Appraisal
  • Post Appraisal (final report)


The Pre-appraisal was completed by Peter Brett Associates in 2017. A number of options were designed to address problems and identify opportunities in the Clydesdale study area.

Part 1 Appraisal

Part 1 appraisal was completed by AECOM in 2019.  The options identified in the first phase were appraised.  Options to be considered in the part 2 appraisal were identified.

Part 2 Appraisal

The Part 2 appraisal was recently completed by AECOM and, building on the updated evidence base, the study considers a series of options and packages which have been appraised against the five STAG criteria and sets out a shortlist of improvement options to be carried out as part of the future STAG Report.

Post Appraisal (final report)

The final STAG Report will allow the final options to be developed further, and funding discussions with partners to be taken forward. This work will be commissioned when funding becomes available.