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Scottish Specials (Halfway) Action Group

Scottish Specials (Halfway) Action Group | South Lanarkshire Council
Name of groupScottish Specials (Halfway) Action Group
Area of operationHalfway, Cambuslang
Contact detailsHousing and Technical Resources
Strategy and Support
Floor 10, Council Offices
Almada Street
Membership detailsMembership of the association is open to all persons residing in or owning property in the ex-Scottish Specials housing stock in Mill Road housing estate area within Halfway, Cambuslang, over the age of sixteen (16).Any membership fee will be decided and reviewed at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Any money raised by, or on behalf of, the association will be used to further the Association’s aims. Membership will end when a member stops living in the area represented.
AGMThere shall be an AGM within fourteen months of the Association’s last AGM.
Representationa) To represent the interests of and promote membership to all the residents within the defined area.
b) To promote the interests and rights of residents and to encourage them to be more actively involved.
c) To ensure that all Scottish Specials (Halfway) housing estate tenants and residents are consulted and informed regularly.
d) To work towards improving the quality of life for local people and their community.
e) To assist and promote social activities for recreation and enjoyment and encourage a community spirit and sense of responsibility.
f) To represent the majority view of the Scottish Specials (Halfway) housing estate community.
Activities of the group
g) To enhance/improve our local community and help and assist tenants and residents with any housing and community related issues.
h) To provide and support tenants and residents of the ex-Scottish Specials housing stock in the Mill Road, Halfway area, with advice and assistance wherever possible on housing and community related matters.
Registration date13 March 2022