Money is not the only problem

Money is not the only problem

Money is not the only problem is a new online resource that can gain access to the help, support and guidance that is available to you and your family regarding finances and wellbeing. 

This resource will provide you with a wealth of information as well as relevant contact details on topics such as Money, Housing, Wellbeing, Employment, Education and Volunteering.

As the world comes out of the pandemic coupled with a harsh winter there has been a large demand for fuel, particularly gas.  As a consequence, there has been an increase of 250% in the wholesale price of gas. This has been passed on to households with an increase in prices for consumers of around 75% in recent months. 

This large increase in household costs for fuel has been exasperated by recent increases in mortgage rates, National Insurance contribution, a 20% increase in food costs, higher petrol costs and inflation at a 30 year high and rising all combining to give us the current ‘cost of living crisis’.

In these difficult times, it is vital that everyone can access what support is available. Here are the main points of contact:

Our Money Matters Advice Services - find your local office 

Home Energy Scotland - or by calling 0808 808 2282

Citizens Advice Scotland are also a great source of assistance and locally they can be contacted as follows:

If you would like your organisation or service included, please contact us on or 0303 123 1017 with a brief paragraph describing the service that you provide as well as contact details.

Support for your finances and wellbeing by Can Do Community South Lanarkshire Council