Public holidays

Public holidays
Type of holiday Day Date
Public holiday Wednesday 1 January 2020
Public holiday Thursday 2 January 2020
Good Friday Friday 10 April 2020
Easter Monday Monday 13 April 2020
Early May Bank Holiday Friday 8 May 2020*
Spring Bank Holiday Monday 25 May 2020
Fair Monday Monday 20 July 2020**
September weekend Monday 28 September 2020
Christmas Day Friday 25 December 2020
Public holiday Monday 28 December 2020

*May Day bank holiday has been moved from Monday 4 May 2020 to Friday 8 May 2020 to coincide with the 75th anniversary of VE day.

**For offices in Lanark this will be switched to Lanimer Day (Thursday 11 June 2020)
Employees who work in schools and term time establishments will have public holidays set in accordance with the arrangements in the establishment.