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Secondary school transport - consultation

Walking routes and distance qualifying addresses

We have provided walking routes information from an exercise that was undertaken in 2015. These are listed below for each school.

Safe and unsafe walking routes directory

The directory of safe and unsafe walking routes shows routes that were assessed by the council in 2015. We are currently updating this directory and new information will be added as soon as possible.

Qualifying distance - yes/no lists and examples of safe walking routes

The Yes/No qualifying addresses lists contain distances from home to school measured in 2015 and is a measurement to 3 miles (4827 meters). They identify addresses that do and do not qualify based on the new proposed distance of 3 miles.  It does not take into consideration unsafe walking routes. Newer addresses have yet to be added and this information will be updated shortly. We have also created examples of safe walking routes from generic areas within the school's catchment area with a route and distance calculated from the address to the school gate.  Select your school to view these documents (please note, some schools do not yet have walking route examples).