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Listed building planning constraints

Planning constraints

When deciding whether to allow a development to take place, it is important to consider any constraints which may affect the site. The following list sets out some of the main constraints that you need to consider before you make your application:

What is a listed building?

A listed building has been statutorily listed as being of architectural or historic interest. Listing protects the whole building both inside and out. The purpose of 'listing' is to make sure important buildings are looked after and protected.

If your property is listed, it does not mean that you cannot make changes to it. However, you will need to apply for 'listed building consent' which makes sure that the special character of a building is taken into account when you want to carry out alterations or extend it.

What is listed building consent?

Listed building consent is needed for all proposals which would affect the character of any part of the inside or outside of a listed building. It is also needed if you want to demolish a listed building. It is a criminal offence to materially alter, extend or carry out demolition work without listed building consent.

Please see our video on Conversions and extensions for more information.

An application for Listed Building Consent is made to the Council. We encourage you to submit your application online using ePlanning Scotland. Hard copy forms are also available to download from this site. 

What work needs listed building consent?

Listed building consent may be needed for work including:

  • replacing doors and windows
  • re-roofing
  • removal of chimneys
  • extensive re-pointing
  • rendering or re-rendering
  • stone cleaning or painting of the building
  • internal structural works including removal of walls and partitions, creation of new doorways
  • blocking (or un-blocking) doors/windows
  • any works to staircases, fireplaces or other structural/decorative elements of the interior.

Like-for-like repair doesn't need listed building consent, nor does painting if you aren't changing the existing colour scheme.

Before you carry out any alterations, extension or demolition, you should contact the Planning and Building Standards office to check you need listed building consent. We can also advise if planning permission is needed for any of the proposed works.

The new Historic Environment Policy for Scotland (HEPS) contains policies and principles that set how the historic environment should be managed and looked after. It is a material planning consideration in making decisions on planning applications which affect the historic environment.

For more information go to the listed buildings consent page.

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