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Active Travel projects

New pedestrian crossings, Burnbank Road and Whitehill Road, Hamilton

In response to an identified pedestrian casualty issue in the Burnbank Road area, we intend to construct one new zebra crossing on Burnbank Road and one new parallel crossing on Whitehill Road.

At zebra crossings, drivers must give way to pedestrians on the crossings. A parallel crossing is similar to a zebra crossing except that cyclists can also use the crossing. Drivers must give way to both pedestrians and cyclists using a parallel crossing.

It is expected that the new crossings will help to reduce pedestrian casualties in the area and contribute to a greater proportion of journeys undertaken by foot or by bike, in line with our Local Transport Strategy.

In particular, the parallel crossing on Whitehill Road will improve the experience of cyclists using the link route to National Cycle Network route 74.

As part of these works, the existing crossing island on Whitehill Road south of Burnbank Centre will be removed in order to reduce the number of crossing stages required by pedestrians and cyclists, and an existing island on Burnbank Road will be altered to reduce the crossing distances.

The locations of the new crossings will be:

  • Whitehill Road south of Burnbank Centre
  • Burnbank Road west of Yews Crescent

Drawings of the proposed crossings are shown below. It is hoped that the works will be completed by the end of March 2024.

If you have any questions or comments on the proposals, please phone 0303 123 1015 or email

Map showing locations of the new proposed crossings in Burnbank, Hamilton

Proposed new pedestrian crossings, Burnbank, Hamilton


Map showing proposed crossing at Whitehill Road south of Burnbank Centre

Location of proposed crossing at Whitehill Road, south of Burnbank Centre


Map showing proposed crossing at Burnbank Road west of Yews Crescent

Proposed location at Burnbank Road west of Yews Crescent

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