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Non-Domestic Rates - Performance and reports

We set targets for collecting non-domestic rates and in 2016/2017 we collected 97.9% of rates due. This was a slight increase from 2015/16 when we collected 97.7%.

Monthly Credit Balance reports

A list of all rates accounts that are in credit giving the name, address, amount, financial year, rateable value and reference number. This list is updated monthly.

Miscellaneous report

A list of all current year accounts containing the name, address, property description, payment method, rateable value, credit balances, any relief awarded and the start date of the liability period. This report is updated quarterly

Annual Credit Balance write-back report

A list of all non-domestic rates accounts where a credit has been written back to their account. The list gives the name, address, credit balance amount, financial year, date of credit, date of write-back and reference number for each ratepayer that has had a credit balance written back. This list is updated annually.