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Toy safety

Don't let your child become an accident statistic - even toys considered to be safe can be dangerous if used incorrectly.

The age warnings on packaging are safety warnings as some toys can be dangerous for younger children. The eyes and noses on soft toys must be securely attached.  They are an obvious choking hazard and could also become lodged in a child's nose or ear.

Filling materials in soft toys and hair are also potential choking hazards. Make sure all hair on a toy is firmly attached and never give toys with long hair to very young children.

Generally, toys that look like food are banned. Don't buy anything that would encourage a child to put it in its mouth. Even sweets and toys sold together can cause confusion.

You should always check wooden, metal and hard plastic toys for obvious hazards like sharp edges, points and splinters.

Make sure toys that fold or have hinges cannot trap small fingers.

You should be wary of cot toys with long, loose strings which could become wrapped around a baby.

Bullets, arrows or anything else that can be fired can be dangerous. Would your child misuse them? Would they still be safe if they were damaged for example, missing rubber tips.

You should stop children playing with broken toys as soon as you possible.

Consumer advice

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