When you buy a product with the Fairtrade logo it means that the following principles are respected:

  • producers are paid fair prices as well as a premium to improve their social, economic and environmental conditions
  • commercial relationships are transparent
  • producers have good working conditions
  • production involves no child labour, no forced labour and no discrimination including gender equity
  • the environment is conserved and preserved

The Fairtrade Foundation has developed a scheme of Fairtrade Zones. Communities (town, city, zone or any other geographical areas) can apply to achieve Fairtrade status - Scotland is a Fairtrade nation. The status shows the communities’ commitment in supporting Fairtrade principles and using licensed products with the Fairtrade Mark. There are more than 600 communities across the UK that have achieved Fairtrade status.

In September we will be applying to renew the Fairtrade Zone status we achieved in 2013.

To do this, we need to achieve five goals:

  • resolution stating that the council supports Fairtrade (Committee report of the 22nd January 2019)
  • provide a list of Fairtrade products available in the area’s retail outlets and served in local catering
  • provide a list of work places and community organisations supporting Fairtrade
  • ensure media coverage
  • establish a Fairtrade steering group

At the moment, there are four Fairtrade towns in South Lanarkshire:

  • Hamilton
  • Biggar
  • East Kilbride
  • Strathaven

We also have many schools which support Fairtrade.

Support to Fairtrade will be included in the Good Food Strategy.

Everyone is welcome to be a part of the South Lanarkshire Fairtrade Steering group to help advance fair trade in South Lanarkshire or to join local Fairtrade towns group.

For more information email CERPerformanceandImprovement@southlanarkshire.gov.uk.