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Ideas Letterbox

South Lanarkshire Council is a listening council. We are committed to consultation with local residents on issues that affect them – but we also want to hear your ideas for ways to improve the way we deliver our services, and indeed any thoughts you have on how we can work together to make South Lanarkshire a better place to live, work, study, and visit.

That is why we have created an Ideas Letterbox. It is a simple way to send us any ideas you have. They will be read and responded to by the people who may be able to take your ideas forward.

As well as being asked what your idea is, we will ask for your name and contact details. However, you can tell us whether or not you want feedback. We will also ask if you want your idea sent to any particular part of the council – Resource or Service - but don’t worry if you are not sure, as we will send the ideas to the right person.

You can view the submissions received so far, along with our response.

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