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Chief Executive

Cleland Sneddon

The Chief Executive is head of the council's paid workforce and the most senior adviser to the Council Leader and members of the council. 

Cleland Sneddon, pictured above, was appointed to the post of Chief Executive after a selection process which concluded on 20 September 2019.  He will take up his new role in the near future.

Mr Sneddon is currently the Chief Executive of Argyll and Bute, a post he has held for more than three years. Early in his career he worked at South Lanarkshire Council between 1996 and 2008, following which he had a period at Midlothian Council and was Argyll and Bute’s Executive Director of Community Services.

Mr Sneddon replaces Lindsay Freeland, who has retired as Chief Executive after more than seven years in the post.

The pay band for the Chief Executive post is currently £156,755 - £164,775. Pay rates for Scottish Local Government Chief Officials is negotiated and agreed nationally through the Scottish Joint Negotiating Committee for Local Authorities Services (SJNC).

The Chief Executive is based at Council Headquarters.

His direct numbers and email address are listed below.

Phone:  01698 454208
Fax:      01698 454275
Email: pach.exec@southlanarkshire.gov.uk