Local Housing Strategy

South Lanarkshire Local Housing Strategy 2017-2022

Affordable homes, sustainable places

Everyone needs somewhere to live that they can call home. Good quality, affordable housing provides firm foundations for promoting sustainable places, opportunities and a good quality of life.

'Affordable Homes, Sustainable Places' is South Lanarkshire's five-year Local Housing Strategy (LHS) for 2017-2022 and is relevant to anyone who lives in or is moving to our area.

The LHS sets out important housing requirements for the next five years, such as how many new homes are needed, and priorities for improving housing quality and energy efficiency, supporting people to live independently and addressing homelessness.

Addressing these priorities and working together in partnership, we aim to achieve the LHS 2017-2022 vision that: "Housing in South Lanarkshire is more suitable, affordable and sustainable to help meet current and future residents' needs".

A wide range of people and organisations contributed to preparing the strategy. The strategy was also assessed for the impacts it may have on communities (Equalities Impact Assessment) and the environment (Strategic Environmental Assessment). 

If you would like to share your views on the LHS 2017-2022 you can email: housing.strategy@southlanarkshire.gov.uk.

The LHS is regularly monitored and reviewed to make sure it is up-to-date and working towards achieving the vision. You can find annual review reports here.