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British Sign Language

We try to make the information we share with you easy to understand, with as little jargon as possible.

The Scottish Government are working on a national British Sign Language Action Plan which will make sure that deaf and deafblind British Sign Language (BSL) users are fully involved in all aspects of daily and public life, from early years and education to culture and transportation.

We will be creating a local version for Lanarkshire along with NHS Lanarkshire and North Lanarkshire Council.

A new group called the Lanarkshire BSL Steering Group has formed to help develop this plan.

Members of this group are from:

  • Deaf blind Scotland
  • Deaf Equality and Access Forum South Lanarkshire
  • Deaf Services Lanarkshire
  • Lanarkshire Deaf Club
  • NHS Lanarkshire
  • North Lanarkshire Council
  • South Lanarkshire Council

The steering group will:

  • ensure that the BSL Plan is easy to understand, realistic and reflects the views of the deaf and deafblind BSL communities of Lanarkshire
  • co-ordinate the engagement on the Draft Plan in preparation for publishing by 23 October 2018

After each meeting the group will produce an action note and a signed summary of this will be published. Once the draft plan has been completed there will be the chance to tell us what you think about it. We’ll tell you more about that once it’s ready.